Meet Hoist Hellas

Hoist Hellas is a Credit Servicing Firm authorized by the Bank of Greece Credit Servicing Firm in accordance with article 1 par. 1(a) of law 4354/2015 and the Bank’s of Greece Executive Committee Act 118/2017 and specializes in the management of performing and non-performing loans originated by credit institutions. Hoist Hellas is a subsidiary of Hoist Finance AB (publ), a Swedish financial institution with strong presence in 13 European countries. Always in compliance with the Greek legal and regulatory framework, we incorporate in the Greek market the values and many years of experience of Hoist Finance, aiming to help borrowers keep their financial commitments and maintain their financial stability by offering sustainable and customized repayment solutions.

Hoist Finance Story

At Hoist, we generate value for people, companies, shareholders and society as a whole. We are driven by our purpose of leading the way towards a sound economy and are guided in this by our values, which describe who we are and how we behave in our day-to-day work.

Hoist Finance was first launched in 1994 with the vision “to give somebody a hoist” with their financial challenges. The essence of our business is to help people to financial stability, so it is a fitting company name.

Our business is about people and helping both consumers and businesses better their financial well-being. Each situation is unique and has its own social and economic realities. We strive to understand individuals, different perspectives and always treat people with dignity and respect – both our end-customers and our clients, as well as our colleagues.