Legal Framework

At Hoist Finance, part of the group Hoist Finance AB (publ), we help you find a feasible solution to settle your debts.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct under L. 4224/2013 was put in force by the Credit and Insurance Committee of the Bank of Greece in 2014 and was revised by the Credit and Insurance Committee on 29/7/2016 (Credit and Insurance Committee decision 195/1/29-7-2016).

The goal of the Code of Conduct is to facilitate the borrower and the lending institutions to reach the most appropriate forbearance or closure solution for loans in arrears by establishing general principles and best practices, which create a climate of mutual confidence and engagement and ensure information exchange.

Hoist Hellas, being compliant with this framework, has put in place the Arrears Resolution Procedure and provides the Borrower with all the necessary information through the Dedicated Contact Points and the relevant Standardized Forms.


Hoist Hellas is committed to treating its customers fairly. Should we ever fail to meet your expectation please submit a complaint, following the process in the link below:

Personal Data

Hoist Hellas respects you privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy in order to get a better understanding of our right to process your data, the processing of your data and your rights as data subjects.